Developing self-reliance and a sense of togetherne

Our school has 3 separate boarding schools. 12-15 youths (starting from grade 5) live in these communal houses. Here of course the Golden Rule
of the Sermon on the Mount: ”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the key in solving conflicts, bringing about mutual respect, readiness to help one another, and friendly treatment of each other.
Self-reliance and mastering life also belong to our educational goals:
keeping your room clean, washing your clothes, preparing meals or taking
care of community rooms – but also making decisions together and
learning to articulate critical thoughts. Two trained educators are ready at
all times to help with any problems that may occur.
Still – there is always enough time for reading, football or basketball matches, playing an instrument or just listening to music. At the weekends
there are outings e.g. going bowling, the cinema, visiting a town or museum.