Students From Many Nations

Foreign languages are common in our school.
About a quarter of the students` families come from different nations:
Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Chechnya, Turkey, Argentina,
Russia and USA.
The integration of these foreign students in the classes poses no problem.
The variety of different nationalities is an enrichment of our communal life,
everyone having their own typical mentality.

Our Foreign Language Curriculum

English from grade 1 Choice of second foreign language:French, Spanish, Italian
Primary school:
- playful learning with songs, rhymes, dialogues, stories and typical,
everyday situations

Secondary school:
In addition to English you can choose a second foreign language:

Languages further communication and improve the understanding between
people of other nations.
In our multi-cultural society the knowledge of foreign languages is becoming more and more important. When applying for a job in the free economy you should be able to converse well in English, and possibly
even in a second foreign language. That is why it is our goal to enable our students to actively communicate in other languages.