„LERN MIT MIR in Universal Life”

Elite School For Everyone

The private school „LERN MIT MIR in Universal Life” is a young, dynamic, state-recognized school of universal philosophy,
which has become well-known because of top exam results,
prizes in competitions, but most of all because of its self-confident, open-minded students.

Since 1991 we have been very successful with our whole-day school model which integrates students of various abilities – from grade 1 to grade 10, followed by final exams, which are prerequisites for a later baccalaureate and university studies.
Ever more parents want their children to be taught ethical values at school, to give them the best-possible start in life. It is the aim of our teachers, educators and councillors, to instruct the children and teenagers we have been entrusted with in harmony with the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule of Jesus of Nazareth “Don´t do unto others, what you don´t want to be done to you.” For this reason we teach Inner Religion instead of confessional religious studies at our school.
Our private school “LERN MIT MIR” is open to all children and youths whose parents can identify with our primal Christian concept and our educational profile.

Animals – our friends: project children & horses and visits to a farm for unwanted animals   Our students and teenagers – the professionals of tomorrow

Elite School For Everyone

friendly relationship between students and teachers
excellent cooperation between parents and teachers
pleasant family atmosphere
individual support and instruction in small study groups and classes
development of talents and abilities
acquisition of key qualifications, such as ability to work independently and in teams
regard for the Universe, nature and animals
foreign languages (English starting grade 1, French, Italian, Spanish from grade 5)
M-classes finishing with the Middle Class Exam after grade 10, as a basis for continued schooling
Excellent exam results and success of our students in higher schools of learning and on the job training
preparatory job projects, on-the-job work experience in firms
healthy, delicious vegetarian meals, home-cooked fresh every day
tutoring in study groups
afternoon activities until 5 p.m. range from basketball to pottery to hip hop and many more
project “children & horses”: natural handling of horses by the american Parelli method
animals and nature: visits to the very interesting animal farm “Heimat für Tiere”, adventure trips in nature
music instruction

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